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How Not to Fund Metro; Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

How Not to Fund Metro  Robbing Peter to Pay Paul New dedicated Metro funding is a must. Years ago, the Alliance was the first private sector organization to call for such funding.   And “new” dollars must be new.   Yet some propose using existing regional and state transportation dollars for all or part of this dedicated funding stream.   […]

Northern Virginia Business Transportation Coalition’s Performance-Based Solutions for Enhanced Regional Prosperity, Security and Quality of Life

The Northern Virginia Business Transportation Coalition consists of private sector organizations representing most Northern Virginia businesses and private sector employees and is committed to creating a strong efficient regional transportation network to enhance regional prosperity, security and quality of life. The Coalition’s 2018 Policy Statement endorses a big picture, performance-based approach to transportation problem solving […]

Wrong on the ICC; Wrong on a New Potomac Crossing

Wrong on the ICC Wrong on a New Potomac Crossing For decades Maryland local and state officials opposed the Intercounty Connector (ICC) and a new northern Potomac River crossing. Today, we learned that the ICC (30 million annual trips) is Maryland’s second most heavily used toll facility. And today we re-learned (for the zillionth time) that even a brief shutdown […]

Metro Update: Awarding Credit Where Due

For years, it’s been open season for criticizing Metro.  Metro has pledged to improve and it has in many areas including: Reliability On-Time Arrivals – Nearly 9 of 10 passenger trips were on-time in October 2017 versus only 7 of 10 one year ago. Maintenance – Offloading of trains due to railcar breakdowns reduced by 45%. New Cars – 452 new 7000-series cars […]

I-66 Outside the Beltway Better Multi-modal Mobility by Design Public Hearings

  The Virginia Department of Transportation and the I-66 Express Mobility Partners are hosting 3 public hearings on the Transform I-66 Outside the Beltway Project. All meetings are from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM with a formal presentation at 7PM followed by a public comment period. Monday, November 13, 2017 Project Segment 3 — Route […]

Air Quality Keeps Getting Better and Better

Air Quality Keeps Getting Better and Better Despite one of the warmest summers on record, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality reports that Virginia had “the cleanest ground level ozone season” in at least 20 years and that it will seek a new federal Environmental Protection Agency designation for Northern Virginia. Air quality pollutants have shown […]

New Back-Up Buster Improves Mobility, Quality of Life

New Back-Up Buster Improves Mobility, Quality of Life The new 95 Express Lanes expansion south from the Garrisonville Exit 143 is great news for I-95 corridor local and long distance travelers. The extension of the existing express lanes one mile south along with the addition of a new lane north of the current exit will […]

“DC rents (young) people; they don’t own them.”

“DC rents (young) people; they don’t own them.” William Frey Brookings Institution Demographer   According to a September 14, 2017 article in the Washington Post entitled, “While most cities’ incomes rise, D.C. sees a possible end to the boom years”, “Frey’s theory is that the poor job market following the 2009 recession caused young people to […]

Moving Jobs to People a Smarter Choice

“Before we rush to (heavily densify urban areas)… we need to ask ourselves whether the better strategy wouldn’t be to move the jobs to the workers rather than the workers to the jobs… “The point of having a richer and more productive economy is to have more enjoyable lives, and for most of us that […]

13th Annual What You Need to Know about Transportation Program and Breakfast

It’s a Wrap! If you missed the 13th Annual What You Need to Know About Transportation – the Alliance’s signature event – on October 3rd, we’re sorry because you missed an outstanding lineup of speakers addressing a broad array of transportation topics in the usual rapid fire format. The theme for this year was “Regional […]

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