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Alliance Urges Authority to Exercise Responsible Stewardship With Regional Funds

In June 9th testimony before the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority on its draft FY 2017 Program to be funded by HB 2313 regional funds, the Alliance urged the Authority to “choose wisely.” “During the next 15 years the Authority will have stewardship over 3-4 billion regional dollars.  Its stewardship over this period will determine whether […]

Did They Get it Right? VDOT Releases Project Scores and Rankings

Last week, VDOT released the results of the first round of projects ranked through the new Virginia HB2 process that is intended to take the politics out of transportation project selection. Under HB2, projects are rated on their ability to mitigate congestion, encourage economic development, and improve accessibility, safety, environmental quality and land use. A […]

Coalition of Business Organizations Endorses Short List of Key Transportation Priorities

The Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition has announced the adoption of a resolution signed by twenty major business and industry organizations that urges regional transportation investments be based on five criteria and identifies nine projects it believes represent the investments of greatest regional benefit. “The fact that our region has the nation’s worst traffic congestion and […]

Northern Virginia Business Organizations Urge Strategic Regional Approach to Transportation Network

A Strong Economy, Regional Security and High Quality of Life Require a Robust and Well-Connected Regional Transportation Framework McLean, VA, Jan 12, 2016 – The Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition today announced the adoption of a resolution signed by twenty major business and industry organizations that urges regional transportation investments be based on five criteria and identifies […]

Getting There, but Still Not Prime-Time “Ready”

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority has revised its scoring system to evaluate highway and transit projects the Authority will vote to fund this spring. “Congestion relief” is now awarded 45 points (out of 100) and project “readiness” is reduced from 25 points to 15 points. Other changes to the scoring system include increasing “improved bike/ped” […]

Fixing I-66 Outside the Beltway. Is There a Greater Regional Transportation Need?

At the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s November meeting some members questioned whether any regional transportation funds should be invested in I-66 outside the Beltway, despite key critical interchanges such as I-66 at Rt. 28 currently being in the Authority’s long-range regional transportation plan. Seriously? I-66 is Northern Virginia’s Main Street, providing critical connections between nearly […]

Have politics really been taken out of transportation? CTB Adopts HB2 Guidelines

At their June meeting, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved the State’s new transportation prioritization program, known as HB 2. Despite the General Assembly directive that congestion reduction should be the primary consideration for Northern Virginia, the CTB assigned congestion reduction only 45 points out of 100 for Northern Virginia projects. While this is an […]

It’s the Weight that Matters Most

As originally drafted, the intent of legislation (HB 2) creating Virginia’s the new transportation prioritization program was to focus more state resources on reducing Northern Virginia’s traffic congestion. However, as ultimately adopted, HB 2 expanded the project selection criteria to include accessibility, safety, environmental quality, and land use. The more criteria that must be considered, […]

The 35% Solution

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s primary charge is to develop a regional transportation plan “that reduces congestion to the greatest extent practical.” Yet the Authority’s project selection criteria awards only 35 points out of a possible 100 to congestion reduction. In other words, two-thirds of all points in the Authority’s project scoring system are awarded […]

Spend More vs. Save More

Some believe it’s important to save as much money as possible for really important things in life such as a home, their kids’ education and retirement. Others spend money as fast as it comes in figuring money for such things will materialize somehow. (It generally does not.) A similar dichotomy of thinking and acting is […]

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