Maintain the $154 million for Metro, Reduce the Reliance on Existing Regional Funding

Please sign and send the form at the bottom of this page to send Governor Northam the following letter:

Dear Governor Northam:

I very much applaud your leadership in working with the 2018 General Assembly to secure $154 million annually  for WMATA’s annual capital funding needs. Metro deserves a dedicated and sustainable funding source to restore it to a well-maintained, safe, reliable and fiscally sound system.

However, I add my voice to those who are greatly concerned about the reprogramming of more than $100 million annually from regional funds and urge you to amend that legislation to include additional state dollars or alternative funding sources.

Northern Virginians have waited too long for many of the improvements being funded by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority through the 2013 legislation.

Making Metro more sustainable and reliable should not come at the expense of making other parts of Northern Virginia’s highway and transit network less reliable.

Thank you!

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