95 Express Lanes Now Open

Posted on December 29, 2014 in: I-95 Express Lanes

Expanded Regional Network Reliability and Choices; NVT Alliance Discusses Impact to Region on News Channel 8

A big change took place in our region today —- the 95 Express Toll Lanes opened to all drivers.

The NVT Alliance President Bob Chase appeared on News Channel 8 News Talk this morning to discuss the impact of the new HOT lanes on our region. “This is an important addition to our region’s network and an important step towards providing greater reliability for more drivers and for public transit….This is about giving people more choices,” said Chase.    He went on to say that it is anticipated the 95 Express Lanes will help improve traffic flow in the conventional lanes as well, noting that since the opening of the I-495 Express Lanes speeds in the conventional lanes on the Beltway during rush hour have improved significantly “because of the fact that you are taking some of the traffic out and putting it into the Express Lanes…. You are re-balancing the corridor.” 

View the interview here.