Top Alliance Priority Takes a Critical Step Forward…. Region to Talk River Crossings

Posted on December 10, 2015 in: Potomac River CrossingUncategorized

The Alliance has worked tirelessly to advance discussions and rally citizen and business community support for a new Potomac River crossing west of the American Legion Bridge (ALB) and other Potomac River crossing improvements.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board’s (CTB) action yesterday to direct the Virginia Secretary of Transportation to begin immediate discussions with Maryland and the District to discuss a new crossing west of the (ALB) along with improvements to the ALB and expanding Metrorail capacity between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom is a big step in the right direction.

To read the CTB resolution click here.

To read the Northern Virginia business community’s letter to the CTB signed by the Alliance and 18 other business organizations, click here.

Such discussions are long overdue. The Alliance applauds the efforts of CTB members James Dyke and Gary Garczynski and thanks Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne for his leadership on this multiple crossing approach.

During the public comment period, prior to yesterday’s CTB vote, the Alliance noted that Governor McAuliffe had remarked on several recent occasions his concern if something would happen to the American Legion Bridge and that we can’t wait 5, 10, or 20 years to do something to address our Potomac River crossing capacity needs.

The Alliance also stressed that “fixing” the ALB by extending HOT lanes is not enough.  The loss of or serious long-term disabling of a “fixed” American Legion Bridge due to a major homeland security event or any other traffic disaster also would be catastrophic to our region’s economy and security. That’s why construction of a new, complimentary bridge to the west is essential.

“Our region is going to see a 25% population growth by 2040….if we don’t start to deal with these [congestion] issues today, our kids won’t live here.”

– Governor Terry McAuliffe, December 8, 2015, Capital Region Business Forum