Alliance Priority Update: Gov. McAuliffe Announces Partnership to Advance I-395 Upgrades

Posted on March 3, 2017 in: I-395

Earlier this week, Governor McAuliffe announced that Virginia had accepted a proposal from Transurban to extend the existing I-95 Express Lanes 8 miles north from Turkeycock Run near Edsall Road in Alexandria to the Washington, D.C. line.

Conversion of I-395 HOV lanes is a longstanding Alliance priority.

The Alliance applauds Governor Terry McAuliffe and VDOT for the decision to advance this critical regional improvement which will significantly reduce I-395 corridor congestion, provide an important 24/7 travel option to single occupant vehicles and ensure more reliable travel for HOV-3 and transit.

When completed in mid-2019, the project will bring much needed capacity improvements and travel options to corridor by:

  • Converting the 2 existing HOV lanes to Express/HOT Lanes and adding an additional lane for a total of 3 Express/HOT lanes;
  • Generating guaranteed transit funding for new and enhanced transit services, such as new and/or improved bus service in the entire I-395/95 corridor;
  • Enhancing access to the Pentagon with an improved interchange at Eads Street; and
  • Adding missing sound walls to protect neighborhoods.

Read more about the project to extend the 95 Express Lanes in the I-395 corridor here.