Moving Jobs to People a Smarter Choice

Posted on October 26, 2017 in: Bi-County ParkwayIn the NewsPotomac River CrossingTraffic Congestion

“Before we rush to (heavily densify urban areas)… we need to ask ourselves whether the better strategy wouldn’t be to move the jobs to the workers rather than the workers to the jobs…

“The point of having a richer and more productive economy is to have more enjoyable lives, and for most of us that means living in places with human scale, whether an urban neighborhood with lofts….or a wooded exurban acre with plenty of room for a swing set and vegetable garden….

“The best way to create such environments…is to invest in the public infrastructure necessary to make such choices possible.”

And Why a New Potomac Crossing and Bi-County Parkway

To Bring More Jobs Closer to Where Most People Live

Are Smart Regional Investments