Metro Update: Awarding Credit Where Due

Posted on November 15, 2017 in: MetroPrioritizationStatus UpdateTransportation Funding

For years, it’s been open season for criticizing Metro. 

Metro has pledged to improve and it has in many areas including:


  • On-Time Arrivals – Nearly 9 of 10 passenger trips were on-time in October 2017 versus only 7 of 10 one year ago.
  • Maintenance – Offloading of trains due to railcar breakdowns reduced by 45%.
  • New Cars – 452 new 7000-series cars have been delivered (and all old 1000-series cars retired) resulting in 100% increase in new trains in the last year.
  • Escalators – Achieved 95% operational rating.

 Safety/Operations — Red signal overruns are down 60% this year.

Management — Employee absenteeism is down 16% since management policies were put in place.

Major Crime – Is down 18%.

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This is great news for Metro riders and regional mobility.


Metro’s Commendable Progress Is Sustainable
Only If Elected Officials Provide
Long-Needed Sustainable Funding and Reforms