How Not to Fund Metro; Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Posted on January 17, 2018 in: Alliance PositionMetroPrioritization

How Not to Fund Metro

 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

New dedicated Metro funding is a must.

Years ago, the Alliance was the first private sector organization to call for such funding.
And “new” dollars must be new.
Yet some propose using existing regional and state transportation dollars for all or part of this dedicated funding stream.
However, state and regional highway and transit programs are already greatly under-funded and need more dollars not fewer.
Transferring (i.e. “robbing”) funds from these programs to Metro in perpetuity only ensures the vast backlog of well-documented unfunded highway and transit needs continues to grow.
In short, using existing transportation dollars for Metro is not only fiscally irresponsible but simply…

Not Smart on Any Scale!