A Reasonable Metro Remedy

Posted on April 17, 2018 in: 2018 General AssemblyMetroNorthern Virginia Transportation AuthorityTransportation Funding

Metro’s fiscal health has been poor for years. New sustainable funds and reforms can wait no longer.

Legislation passed last month in Richmond relies heavily on Northern Virginia regional transportation dollars to meet Virginia’s $154 million per year portion.

But making Metro more reliable should not be at the expense of making other parts of our region’s network less reliable.

Governor Northam understands this. His amendments reduce the use of area funds by almost 60%.

The Governor’s proposal is not perfect. A more perfect solution would use new or existing broader-based funding sources, including additional state dollars.

However, the legislative process is seldom perfect.

The Governor’s amendments provide the best outcome achievable during this session and merit strong, bipartisan support. 

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