Virginia Transportation Funding in Jeopardy

Posted on February 28, 2022 in: 2022 General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly is moving forward with plans to cut more than $130 million per year in dedicated funding for transportation. Over the next six years, that’s nearly $800 million in transportation funding that could go to key projects in Northern Virginia.

Just last year, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority received more than $1.2 billion in requests for projects across Northern Virginia for FY26 and FY27.

That includes key projects such as:

  1. Richmond Highway Widening and BRT – $140 million (Fairfax)
  2. Soapstone Connector – $74 million (Fairfax)
  3. Fairfax County Parkway Widening – $108 million (Fairfax)
  4. Route 1 & 123 Interchange – $61 million (Prince William)
  5. Prince William Parkway and Minnieville Road Interchange – $68 million (Prince William)
  6. Route 7 Improvements between Route 9 and the Dulles Greenway – $20 million (Loudoun)
  7. Loudoun County Parkway Interchange at US 50 – $20 million (Loudoun)
  8. Ballston Second Metro Entrance – $80 million (Arlington)

And that doesn’t include the millions of dollars in other projects that failed to receive funding during the most recent round of Smart Scale (state construction funding).

The DC area is expected to gain 1.3 million new people and 1 million jobs over the next two decades. Much of that growth takes place in Northern Virginia. As the economic engine of the region and the entire Commonwealth, now is not the time to delay critical projects that will keep our region moving.

Click the link below to contact key members of the General Assembly today and tell them to replace the dedicated funding for transportation.