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HB 2297

Requires approval of the General Assembly prior to the imposition or collection of any tolls or user fees on a project undertaken pursuant to the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 or by the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission.

HB 2296

Requires approval by the General Assembly before the imposition or collection of tolls or user fees on any interstate, primary, or secondary highway, on any project undertaken pursuant to the PPTA, or by the HRTAC, NVTA, or RMTA.

HB 2294

Requires comprehensive agreements between the responsible public entity and a private entity to be approved by both houses of the General Assembly.

HB 2340

Requires State Corporation Commission approval to impose tolls and user fees and for a responsible public entity to enter into comprehensive and interim agreements with private entities.

HB 1886

Establishes the requirements for a finding of public interest, requires such a finding prior to an initiation of procurement, and establishes the Transportation Public-Private Partnership Advisory Committee to determine whether a proposal for the operation and development of a transportation facility serves a public purpose and report such determination to the General Assembly. The bill […]