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HB 826

Prince William Count Metrorail Improvement District, created.  Creates the Prince William County Metrorail Improvement District to provide a means of financing an extension of commuter rail service from Fairfax County into […]

SB 516

Tolling on interstate highways.  Prohibits tolls on any component of interstate highways existing prior to July 1, 2016. The bill provides that if additional lanes are added to an interstate […]

HB 726

Northern Virginia Excess Toll Revenue Fund, created. Establishes the Northern Virginia Excess Toll Revenue Fund into which all moneys collected by a toll facility in Planning District 8 that exceed […]

HB 722

Tolls; prohibits imposition or collection of tolls on certain highways in Planning District 8  Prohibits tolling of any primary, secondary, or urban highway in NoVa not tolled as of January […]

HB 224

Interstate system components: approval of tolls. Requires prior approval by the General Assembly before any tolls may be imposed or collected for the use of any component of the Interstate System.

HB 225

Interstate system components: approvals of tolls on I-395. Requires approval of the General Assembly prior to the imposition and collection of tolls for the use of Interstate 395.

HB 99

High-occupancy vehicle (HOV)lane: certain vehicle use of HOT lanes on Interstate 395, exceptions. Allows vehicles that have fewer than three occupants that display an installed E-ZPASS transponder and have paid […]

HB 97

Interstate 95 corridor traffic congestion evaluation. Directs the Department of Transportation (the Department) to conduct an evaluation with the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization of traffic congestion on the Interstate […]

SB 405

Tolling additional capacity and designation of HOV and HOT lanes on Interstate 66. Prohibits tolls on any component of Interstate 66 outside the Capital Beltway existing prior to July 1, […]

SB 234

Interstate 66: tolls on existing components east of mile maker 67 prohibited. Prohibits tolls on existing components of Interstate 66 east of mile marker 67. The bill provides that if […]