Upgrading I-66 Requires Bold Approach

Posted on January 20, 2015 in: I-66I-66 Outside the Beltway

In January 14th testimony, the Alliance urged the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) to move forward with plans to improve and upgrade I-66 outside the Beltway, stating that improving Northern Virginia’s “Main Street”  is critical to sustaining our regional economy.

The Alliance stressed that given I-66’s significance and current and future projected usage, it is critically important that adopted design and scope be bold and represent the final solution, not an interim one.  The capacity of I-66 must be expanded to include 3 conventional lanes with a hardened shoulder, two managed lanes in each direction for HOV, transit and tolls with a reservation for future transit extension.

The Alliance pointed out that Northern Virginia’s economy is regional in nature; it is not a collection of self-sufficient jurisdictions and villages. The economy as a whole and every jurisdiction is dependent upon the movement of and importing of tens of thousands of workers and hundreds of millions of dollars of goods and services along the I-66 corridor.

Additionally, the Alliance stated that moving forward, intelligent land use including transit oriented development along the corridor is critically important. Done properly such efforts will enhance the effectiveness of this new capacity. However, they will not reduce the need for this new capacity.

It’s Time to Provide I-66 with the Capacity and Flexibility Needed

to Address Our Region’s 21st Century Needs.