NVT Alliance, Dulles Corridor Rail Association Merger Brings Greater Focus on Restoration of a World-Class Metrorail System

Posted on February 8, 2017 in: MetroTransitUncategorized

Founded in 1998, the Dulles Corridor Rail Association (DCRA) served as the leading advocate for advancement of Metrorail’s Silver Line.  With Silver Line construction nearing completion, DCRA’s goal has been realized.

But ongoing advocacy is necessary to make the Silver Line (and Metro) a success.

Dulles Corridor rail, transit-oriented development and Metro’s long-term sustainability and reliability are long-standing Alliance priorities. The Alliance will continue DCRA’s advocacy to ensure the Silver Line is completed on schedule and to plan.

However, if the Silver Line is to be successful the Metro system must succeed.

Restoration of Metro to a world-class rail system requires completion of Safe-Track safety improvements, fundamental WMATA Compact and personnel reforms, and new sustainable funding. 

Robust access to new Metro stations, including enhanced north-south connections in Western Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties, is likewise important.

These transportation improvements are essential to the future of the Dulles Corridor and the region as a whole.

Please join us in making this critical challenge a success.                                          

An Investment in the Alliance is an Investment in Better Regional Mobility!