Dedicated Metro Funding Should Not Be at the Expense of Scarce Regional Funds

Posted on March 29, 2018 in: 2018 General AssemblyMetroNorthern Virginia Transportation AuthorityTransportation Funding

The General Assembly should be applauded for its commitment to meet the $154 million/year goal to provide Virginia’s share of the $500 million system’s capital needs requested by the WMATA General Manager.

However lost in the celebratory headlines is the fact that the proposed funding bill requires the transfer of more than $100 million dollars per year in existing regional and local transportation funds, meaning over time scores and billions of dollars of long-delayed area highway and transit projects will be further delayed or killed.

Absent any changes Northern Virginians who already lead the nation in wasted time and money due to congestion will waste even more.

Urge Governor Northam, today, to amend this legislation by reducing the heavy reliance on regional and local funding. Funding Metro is essential but should not be at the expense of addressing long-neglected regional transportation priorities.

The ACT NOW link below provides sample language and an email link to contact the Governor.

April 9th is the deadline for the Governor to submit amendments

Contact Governor Northam TODAY!