Coalition of Business Organizations Endorses Short List of Key Transportation Priorities

Posted on January 21, 2015 in: 2015 General AssemblyNorthern Virginia Transportation AuthorityNorthern Virginia Transportation CoalitionPrioritization

The Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition has announced the adoption of a resolution signed by twenty major business and industry organizations that urges regional transportation investments be based on five criteria and identifies nine projects it believes represent the investments of greatest regional significance.

“We believe it is essential for this region that has the nation’s worst traffic congestion and an economy more dependent upon inter-jurisdictional travel than any other major metropolitan area to establish regional transportation priorities based on investments likely to do the most to reduce congestion and improve travel times,” said David Birtwistle, Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance (the Alliance). The Alliance is a member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition.

The following are the nine projects endorsed by the Coalition as having the greatest regional significance:

  • I-66 Major Upgrade from US 15 to Roosevelt Bridge
  • New Northern Potomac River Crossing and upgraded American Legion Bridge
  • 8-car Metro Train capacity upgrade
  • Bi-County Parkway
  • Route 28 Upgrade to 8 lanes
  • Fairfax County Parkway Conversion to Limited Access Faculty
  • I-395 HOV Lanes Conversion to Managed/Express Lanes
  • Regional Express Bus Network

The Coalition’s statement notes that while these are not the only transportation investments needed, they are those in which the preponderance of resources should be invested and their implementation and advancement should be the standard against which regional transportation progress is measured.

Read the entire business community resolution here.

Read the Coalition press release here.

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