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HB 2340

Requires State Corporation Commission approval to impose tolls and user fees and for a responsible public entity to enter into comprehensive and interim agreements with private entities.

HB 2309

Increases the membership of the Board by six nonlegislative citizen members by adding three members to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates and three by the Senate Committee on Rules. The Board currently has 14 nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the Governor and four ex officio members. The bill also allows […]

HB 1887

Removes the Executive Director of the Virginia Port Authority from the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) and makes the members of the CTB subject to removal by the Governor for malfeasance, misfeasance, incompetence, misconduct, neglect of duty, absenteeism, conflicts of interest, failure to carry out the policies of the Commonwealth, or refusal to carry out a […]

SB 1033

Increases the membership of the NVTA by one nonlegislative member to represent towns that receive funds for urban highway systems.

HB 2235

Clarifies the circumstances under which law-enforcement vehicles may use HOT lanes without paying a toll.

HB 1886

Establishes the requirements for a finding of public interest, requires such a finding prior to an initiation of procurement, and establishes the Transportation Public-Private Partnership Advisory Committee to determine whether a proposal for the operation and development of a transportation facility serves a public purpose and report such determination to the General Assembly. The bill […]

HB 1402

Provides that cities and towns that receive highway maintenance payments from the Commonwealth based on moving-lane-miles of highway will not have such payments reduced if moving-lane-miles of highway are converted to restricted bicycle or transit-only lanes.

SB 1353

Removes the provisions within the Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988 requiring the State Corporation Commission to approve toll increases upon request by an operator that are equal to one percent over and above the increase in the consumer price index or equal to the increase in the real gross domestic product from the date […]

SB 1274

Allocates 10 percent of state revenues allocated to state secondary highways for use in reconstructing deteriorated state secondary highway pavements. The bill reduces from 25 to 20 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated to bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation and reduces from 15 to 10 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated to […]

SB 1023

Includes moneys from the Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund and highway aid to mass transit in the list of funds subject to the statewide prioritization process. The bill also requires the Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability to review the prioritization of projects by the Commonwealth Transportation Board and to make necessary recommendations regarding the process to […]

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