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What You Should Know About Transportation

Outward Trend: The metropolitan Washington region has added millions of people and jobs in the last few decades and most of these have located outside the Beltway. National Capital Transportation Planning Board forecasts project this outward trend will continue to 2040 and beyond. Lack of Implementation: Today’s congestion is not from a lack of planning, […]

Comprehensive Plan Alignment

While the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) chose to designate the Bi-County Parkway as the “locally preferred alternative,” below is a summary as to why the Tri-County Comprehensive Plan alignment rejected by the CTB was for many reasons a better choice. Comprehensive Plan Alignment Tests Best The Environmental Impact Statement states that the alignment that has […]

We’re #1 … Again

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Inrix issued their 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard, the annual report on traffic congestion around the nation. Is anyone surprised as to who once again ranks #1 for the nation’s worst congestion?

Is a New Potomac River Crossing Needed? Public Poll Says “Yes”

The Leesburg Today newspaper recently conducted a poll asking readers, “Is a New Potomac River Crossing Needed?”

2015 VDOT Study: Cross-Potomac River travel demand in 2040

The Virginia Department of Transportation completed a study in July 2015 examining cross-Potomac River travel demand in 2040 at existing crossings between the U.S. 15/Point of Rocks Bridge and US 301/Governor Harry Nice Bridge. The study looked at travel speed and origin and destination trends. The study did not look at recommended solutions to the […]

HB 1999

Creates the Prince William County Metrorail Improvement District to provide a means of financing an extension of commuter rail service from Fairfax County into Prince William County.

HB 1407

Allocates 10 percent of state revenues allocated to state secondary highways for use in reconstructing deteriorated state secondary highway pavements. The bill reduces from 25 to 20 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated to advancing high priority projects statewide and reduces from 15 to 10 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated […]

HB 2297

Requires approval of the General Assembly prior to the imposition or collection of any tolls or user fees on a project undertaken pursuant to the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 or by the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission.

HB 2296

Requires approval by the General Assembly before the imposition or collection of tolls or user fees on any interstate, primary, or secondary highway, on any project undertaken pursuant to the PPTA, or by the HRTAC, NVTA, or RMTA.

HB 2294

Requires comprehensive agreements between the responsible public entity and a private entity to be approved by both houses of the General Assembly.