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SB 1353

Removes the provisions within the Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988 requiring the State Corporation Commission to approve toll increases upon request by an operator that are equal to one percent over and above the increase in the consumer price index or equal to the increase in the real gross domestic product from the date […]

SB 1274

Allocates 10 percent of state revenues allocated to state secondary highways for use in reconstructing deteriorated state secondary highway pavements. The bill reduces from 25 to 20 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated to bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation and reduces from 15 to 10 percent the share of such revenues currently allocated to […]

SB 1023

Includes moneys from the Commonwealth Mass Transit Fund and highway aid to mass transit in the list of funds subject to the statewide prioritization process. The bill also requires the Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability to review the prioritization of projects by the Commonwealth Transportation Board and to make necessary recommendations regarding the process to […]

SB 932

Allows new sidewalk projects to be funded by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority with regional funds.  

SB 953

Provides for highway maintenance payments to cities for paved trails that accommodate all modes of nonmotorized transportation, at a rate of 50 percent of the per-miles rate established for highway maintenance payments for collector roads and local streets.

SB 952

Bases highway maintenance payments to cities and towns on lane-miles of highways. Under current law, such payments are based on moving-lane-miles available to peak-hour traffic

SB 1159

Requires the Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop a life-cycle cost analysis for all primary highway projects approved by the Board for which the total cost of initial construction exceeds $500,000. The bill requires the analysis to include the total initial cost of the project and projected future maintenance costs and requires the Board to make […]

SJ 217

Requires the General Assembly to maintain permanent and separate Transportation Funds to include the Commonwealth Transportation Fund, Transportation Trust Fund, Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund, and other funds established by general law for transportation. All revenues dedicated to Transportation Funds on January 1, 2016, by general law, other than a general appropriation law, shall be […]

SB 815

Allows Virginia and North Caroline to each elect a co-chairman from among their membership. This will allow a co-chairman from each state to serve together instead of as chairman and vice-chairman, as has been the current practice.

HB 1398

Corrects typographical errors and other mistakes from the revision and recodification of Title 33. The bill also implements clarifying changes and other changes made in the revision and recodification of Title 33.2. The bill also repeals the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Tunnel Compact, which is not in effect, and reinserts language that was omitted from […]

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