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Moving Jobs to People a Smarter Choice

“Before we rush to (heavily densify urban areas)… we need to ask ourselves whether the better strategy wouldn’t be to move the jobs to the workers rather than the workers to the jobs… “The point of having a richer and more productive economy is to have more enjoyable lives, and for most of us that […]

Where We Are Growing Most

Recent government data shows that the D.C. metro area added 81,100 jobs for the year June 2014-June 2015, more than any other region in the Country.  Most of this job growth occurred in suburban Northern Virginia and Maryland not the region’s central core. This job trend reflects regional population growth over the past several decades […]

Local Politicians Can Change the Plan, But Not the Facts

Transportation progress in Northern Virginia is seldom easy or quick. It’s not by accident that today, travelers in this area waste more time in traffic than in any other part of the nation. Tuesday evening, four Prince William County Supervisors (Ruth Anderson, Maureen Caddigan, Peter Candland and Jeanine Lawson) took advantage of the absence of […]

NIMBY Madness Leads to More Congestion

Arlington County’s 2009 lawsuit to stop the I-95/I-395 HOT Lanes project was just one in a long list of Northern Virginia locality actions that have delayed, downsized or defeated and run-up the cost of badly needed transportation improvements. It’s not by accident area residents lose more time and money stuck in congestion than just about […]

The Bi-County Parkway Is Dead! April Fools!!!

Today being April 1st, a small group of public officials long opposed to the Bi-County Parkway apparently felt it appropriate to try to fool the public into believing that the Bi-County Parkway is dead. The source of their claim is a VDOT letter, which unfortunately for them, says nothing of the sort. Instead, the letter […]

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